Moscatelli to resign from board of commissioners

Fellow commissioners to interview candidates, make appointment to fill post.

John Moscatelli, a member of Haddonfield’s three-member board of commissioners, announced on Tuesday he would step down from his post at an as-yet determined date in the near future. 

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Moscatelli first confirmed the move to The Sun on April 30, and it was made it official via a release through the borough one week later. 

Moscatelli, who serves as the commissioner for public works, had been elected in 2013 along with Mayor Neal Rochford and fellow Commissioner Jeffrey Kasko, and subsequently re-elected in May 2017. Two years remain on his current term.  

“I ran for commissioner because I was hoping to get the borough to focus on certain issues that had been lingering for decades. I think we’ve made significant progress. I hope the borough will maintain that focus after I’m gone.” Moscatelli told The Sun shortly after the announcement. 

“There are issues with infrastructure, drainage, roadways. The Boxwood and Bancroft situations are long-term (issues). I think these problems are all solvable, and I think the people should keep after borough governance to address them in a timely fashion.”

To fill the vacancy created by Moscatelli’s departure, the remaining commissioners must appoint someone to the post to fill out the remainder of the current term. Next, the post will be contested in a special election scheduled for Nov. 5. 

According to the release, borough residents who may be interested in the commissioner post should submit a cover letter and resume to the borough clerk’s office no later than May 24. Rochford and Kasko will interview all candidates and then select Moscatelli’s replacement. Once that process has concluded, Moscatelli will formally resign his position and the appointee will be sworn in. 

As far as the November election is concerned, per the release, petitions will be available to all interested candidates in the borough clerk’s office starting June 10. All petitions must be returned to the borough clerk no later than Sept. 3.

According to Moscatelli and borough clerk Deanna Bennett, any potential candidate must be a registered voter, of legal age and a resident of the borough, who must collect a minimum in the range of of 94-to-100 signatures to qualify for placement on the ballot. 

The candidate who receives the most votes will assume Moscatelli’s role immediately upon certification of election results, and will last through the regularly-scheduled commissioners election in May 2021. 

The 51-year-old Moscatelli has been a resident of Haddonfield since March 2007. 

“While I have loved my time living in Haddonfield, I am looking forward to new adventures,” he said. 

For more information, contact Borough Administrator Sharon McCullough at:

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