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Delran resident jump-starts his career through Rowan College’s Dress For Success program

The Rowan College Dress for Success program is an event to give 12 students the chance to network with professionals as well as to give these students the chance to learn professional and interviewing skills.

For Delran resident Ethan S. Glosup, a chance to get a jump-start on his career is what he envisioned when he decided to go to Rowan College. Unknowingly, Rowan College created a program called Dress for Success to give Glosup and the rest of its students the chance to do so.

The Rowan College Dress for Success event on Thursday, May 2 is a program that gives 12 students the chance to network with professionals, as well as the chance to learn professional and interviewing skills they may not have known. Each student had to apply for the event and the college selected a student from each school.   

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The Dress for Success program works with multiple organizations to provide students with a special experience. This year, the school sought sponsors to provide the students with the proper attire for the event.

H&M sponsored all of the clothing for the event. Students will be able to network in this attire and then model at the fashion show that takes place at the conclusion of the event. The school has also partnered with Rizzieri Aveda Beauty School, which will provide students a complete makeover prior to the event.

“For students transferring into the workforce, it’s for you to stand out so that you can get the job, but also once you have the job, you can maintain that job.” said Glosup. “The reason I decided to do this program is because I believe just to be in school is a privilege and a blessing, and if I didn’t take advantage of everything the school offers, I would be doing myself a disservice.

“This program teaches you how to further your professional skills,” Glosup continued. “These are things that are not taught in class. Things like networking, writing a resume, how to stand out in those interviews. Little things like beefing up your LinkedIn profile, how to write thank you letters after your interviews. Also, how to handle the different set ups of interviews, such as one-on-ones or a panel. Classes like this don’t really get taught.”   

Glosup is pursuing a degree in archaeology and classical studies to become an archaeology or history professor. He will be graduating this month and then heading to the American University of Rome to pursue a bachelor’s degree and then ultimately a master’s degree. According to Glosup, he had made the decision to go to the American University of Rome prior to being selected into the Dress for Success program, however, the decision to attend this university was further support based on the skills and tips that he learned during the program.

“You can learn about archaeology and history anywhere, but the experience that I will get from American University of Rome will make me stand out, and that’s what the Dress for Success Program teaches you, how to stand out,” Glosup said. “ I would definitely recommend any student to do this program. The guidance will help you and the networking will help facilitate opportunities. I truly believe this program is the difference between getting the job and wishing you had it.”    


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