Commissioners table discussion on Boxwood, zoning issues

Further discussion on ordinances to occur during May session.

At its most recent meeting, Haddonfield’s Board of Commissioners elected to table the discussion of a pair of ordinances that were scheduled to have a second reading. 

The first item sought to amend Chapter 135, entitled “Land Development for Various Sections Regarding the Mass and Scale of Homes,” which involved changes to language relating to size, dimensions and location of certain physical attributes of homes within the borough.  

This ordinance had been approved on first reading and public discussion at the board’s March 26 meeting, and a second reading plus public comment were planned for the board’s April 9 session, provided the planning board had no issues with the ordinance’s proposed language alterations upon review at its April 2 session. However, at a marathon meeting that night, the ordinance was not discussed. 

“The meeting that we had last was quite lengthy, and at about a quarter to 11, we decided we weren’t going to get to that item. The planning board will have a special meeting on that, next Wednesday (April 17) to discuss it. We’ve also moved the public information session that we had scheduled for last week. That’s been moved to May 1. If anyone has questions, it probably makes sense to attend that meeting first, because that’s when the planners will be there and they’ll go over in great detail, all the proposed changes, what all the ramifications are and exactly what they need,” said Commissioner John Moscatelli. 

According to the calendar on the borough’s website, the planning board special meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. in Room 102 of Borough Hall. Second reading and public comment on the ordinance was scheduled for the board of commissioners’ May 14 public session. 

In addition, a second reading of Ordinance 2019-06, relating to the adoption of the development plan for Boxwood Hall, was tabled until the commissioners’ May 14 public meeting. This ordinance had also been approved on first reading at the board’s March 26 meeting with intended second reading and public comment on April 9. 

“That one was actually heard by the planning board and they did review it, but the planning board decided that they wanted to send it to the HPC (Historic Preservation Commission) for its review, before they had any final vote on the resolution on the development plan itself. Given they (the planning board) wanted to do that, the HPC will hear it at their upcoming meeting, and the planning board will talk about it again at their meeting in early May. Then, it will come back to the commissioners,” Moscatelli added. 

One piece of legislation that wasn’t delayed, was approval upon first reading by the commissioners of Ordinance 2019-07, which dealt with traffic signage at four borough intersections. 

A yield sign that previously stood at the crossing of Glover and Evergreen avenues, on the Glover Avenue side, was targeted for removal, while stop signs will be placed at the meetings of Glover Avenue and Evergreen Lane, Lakeview Avenue and Spruce Street, as well as Tavistock Lane and Winding Way.

In other news:

  • Mayor Neal Rochford did not attend the meeting. According to Commissioner Jeffrey Kasko, he is still dealing with the effects of a virulent strain of pneumonia from early in the winter and was to return to duty after a couple days rest.
  • With a pair of proclamations, commissioners deemed April as “Lions Club Sight Awareness Month” as well as “Alcohol Awareness Month.”
  • In addition, commissioners proclaimed the week of April 7-13 as “Library Week,” while also setting the celebrations of Arbor Day (traditionally April 26) for April 12 and Earth Day (traditionally April 22) for April 13 through two more proclamations.
  • Commissioners passed Resolution 2019-04-09-071 so that Indian King Tavern will be able to hold its annual “Skirmish” event on Saturday, June 1, and Resolution 2019-04-09-072, an authorization for a general event permit application for Moms Demand Action, which seeks to hold a “Gun Violence Awareness” event on Friday, June 7.