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Letter to the Editor: Thank You

The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by Mullica Hill resident Gina D’Argenio.

President John Adams said “to be good and to do good, is all we have to do.” Such a simple set of words to describe the most challenging and fulfilling of human actions.

It is with an abundance of gratitude that I am writing this note of thanks to Lisa Stephan, Lawrence Moore and the Harmony Fire Company.

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On April 7, Stephan and Moore came together, after four months of planning, to host a Zumbathon fundraiser at the Harmony Fire Company on behalf of Kara’s Fight. Kara Thompson, a local business owner and generous member of the community, is battling melanoma. Stephan, Moore and many others wanted to raise resources and positive energy for Thompson and for her husband and children.

Stephan diligently worked to create tickets, flyers, a Facebook page and a GoFundMe page for this event. She was blessed with the help of her own Zumba students, a DJ and four excellent Zumba instructors who donated their time and professional energy to work the event.

Stephan and Moore received the support of the Mullica Hill Rotary and Mark Gravinese, township administrator, to secure a location and a plentitude of resources. Thompson’s friends in the community also worked to secure donations and spread the word about the event. The Zumbathon was supported by the donations of businesses including, but not limited to, Acme, Harrison House Diner, Cake Boutique, 322 Bar-b-Que, ShopRite and Primo Hoagies.

Harmony Fire Company not only donated their fire hall, but several members of the company gave of their time to work from sun up to days’ end to make the event a success.

The outpouring of public support for Kara’s Fight was astonishing. Our community is better for having Lisa Stephan and Lawrence Moore as neighbors, friends and models of hard-working generosity.

Gina D’Argenio


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