Letter to the Editor: Buy Nothing Marlton/Medford/Medford Lakes Facebook group for giving, sharing and building community

There is no trading or exchanging of monies; just people willing to share goods, time and expertise.

This letter to the editor was submitted to The Sun from Marlton resident Sonia Francisco:

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Finding and selling items in online yard sale sites has its benefits. It is an avenue to keep unwanted objects out of landfills, purchase and sell gently used items and connect with others.

Unfortunately, unresponsive sellers/customers, undermining bids, and pick-ups too far from home left me feeling exasperated.

While attending a lecture hosted by the Evesham Green Team, I learned of a different online “yard sale” group that has been my new go-to before purchasing new or throwing away.

Buy Nothing Marlton/Medford/Medford Lakes is a Facebook group that is only for members in the towns mentioned, but is a subset of the nationwide Buy Nothing Project.

The Buy Nothing Project believes in giving, sharing and building community. In this group, community members can offer items or services as gifts, loan and request items, or share gratitude.

There is no trading or exchanging of monies; just people willing to share goods, time and expertise.

I have had nothing but positive experiences as a member of this group. I have been able to gift items that would usually head to the landfill such as pillows, shoes and fingernail decorations.

Everyone who has requested these items have been appreciative and prompt in pick-ups. I received empty coffee cans for a project and clothing for my daughter. Need to borrow a ladder? Post a request and someone is sure to help. There was an exchange where a set of glass candy jars were able to be used for three different events!

I encourage readers to join the Buy Nothing Facebook group.

It is a great alternative to buying, renting and throwing away.

Most importantly, it has been a splendid way to contribute to the betterment of the environment and community.

Sonia Francisco

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