Mt. Laurel Police to issue ‘tickets’ for free slices of pizza to reward kids for good behavior

The Mt. Laurel Township Police Department has partnered with the Mt. Laurel Crust N Fire pizza shop to launch the department’s first ever “Slices 4 Safety” campaign.

Handing out tickets is nothing new for officers on patrol with the Mt. Laurel Township Police Department.

However, something that is new for the department’s patrol officers is handing out tickets to children, and newer still is having patrol officers hand out those tickets as a reward for good behavior.

For Mt. Laurel children who might be unaware – and hungry – the Mt. Laurel Township Police Department has partnered with the Mt. Laurel Crust N Fire pizza shop to launch the department’s first-ever “Slices 4 Safety” campaign.

As of April 5, the “Slices 4 Safety” campaign will allow the department’s patrol officers to hand out “tickets” to children whom the officers observe practicing overall good behaviors.

In turn, children can take their tickets to Crust N Fire to exchange for one free slice of plain pizza.

According to the department, with the spring season once again bringing nicer weather, kids “from Mt. Laurel and beyond” will soon begin to fill the township’s neighborhoods, parks and sports facilities.

With that in mind, MLPD patrol officers will be on the lookout for kids engaging in a wide-range of good behaviors.

Those good behaviors can include, but are not limited to, kids wearing a safety helmet while riding their bikes, kids properly using crosswalks and sidewalks while walking about town, kids wearing their seat belts while riding in a car, kids playing safely outside in secure areas or even kids “overall just being good kids.”

According to the MLPD, the spring season is the time to remind children in town that while the department wants children to have fun, it also wants kids to be safe while doing so.

Police also describe the campaign as a way for local businesses – in this case Crust N Fire – to partner with the department and give back to the Mt. Laurel community.

In turn, the department describes being “honored” that Crust N Fire is giving the department’s patrol officers a chance to “connect positively” with Mt. Laurel’s younger residents as officers are out in town carrying out their regular duties.

The campaign is scheduled to run through June 5, unless officers happen to notice so many children engaging in good behavior that they run out of tickets even sooner.

Although the MLPD has never undertaken a campaign similar to this, police describe the department as “excited” to carry out “Slices 4 Safety” and predicts a successful program.

Crust N Fire’s Mt. Laurel location is located at 439 Larchmont Blvd.

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