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We must hold our leaders to account, writer says

I read the rebuttal to my letter regarding the proposed 2019 budget and proposed tax hike of about 5 percent supported by the Democratic members of council.  I note the writer referred to “false claims” and “false comments” contained in my prior letter but failed to cite one single example. In fact, my prior letter contained statements made by Mrs. Petriello and cited her record which anyone can check on the township’s website.

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The writer ended her rebuttal with essentially saying that questioning our elected officials is divisive. The response amplifies the broader issue facing our great town and country.  Elected officials and their supporters that do not appreciate the responsibility given to them by us but believe they are entitled to it. Who attack opposing points of view by any means necessary and denounce opposition and criticism of any kind by calling it “false statements” and “false claims”.  We must all reject this attitude. This is a much greater issue that transcends local budgets and party politics.

In the end, holding our leaders accountable for their records is not only acceptable it’s required!

Chris Chiacchio






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