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Letter to the Editor: Tax hike is ‘unconscionable’

Napolitano and Locatell voice their opinion on the 2019 budget.

To our neighbors,

Thanks to the responsible financial stewardship of previous councils, our township surplus is at $8.7 million, our perfect AAA bond rating is lowering costs on projects and our tax income through rateables is up. With all of these positive trends, a proposed 5 percent property tax hike on our citizens is simply unconscionable.

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The broken politics of Trenton are already leading to additional new taxes on Moorestonians, driving businesses and jobs out of our state. The township should not be adding to that tax burden. As your town councilmembers, we view our job to be, first and foremost, about fighting for our residents. We are troubled by the new mayor and council majority’s seeming willingness to view a tax increase of any amount as a first choice instead of a last resort.

We want to be clear: we will diligently fight for taxpayers throughout this budget process and will not consider increasing your taxes as we sit on the largest surplus Moorestown has had in years. We will give this our all, but it’s critical that you, the citizens, speak up. Please be sure to make your voice heard by attending budget and town council meetings or e-mailing the entire council at towncouncil@moorestown.nj.us. You elected us to fight for tax relief; we’re not giving up now.

Councilwoman Victoria Napolitano & Councilman Mike Locatell


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