Investors Foundation Grant to aid Burlington Township High School efforts to educate teens

Grant aims to fund program to educate students on the topic of teen pregnancy.

A $6,000 grant from the Investors Foundation will assist Burlington Township
High School in developing a program designed to raise awareness about, and work to, educate students about teenage pregnancy and prevention.

Burlington Township High School applied for the grant from the Investors Foundation, which supports non-profit organizations that enrich the diverse communities served by Investors Bank.

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According to Dr. Rafe Vecere, Student Assistance Coordinator, Burlington Township School District, the United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the western industrialized world, and parenthood is the leading reason teenagers drop out of school.

“These funds will help fund a program that will enable the school to educate its students on the topic of teen pregnancy. Interactive discussions, workshops, and presentations will provide our high school students with knowledge of the consequences of their decision-making and offer potential solutions to
difficult decisions high school students face today,” explained Vecere.

“Burlington Township School District remains committed to supporting all our students and helping provide them with the resources to lead happy and productive lives. Investors Foundation has generously given needed resources to a program that will enable the school to educate students on real life
challenges. What we want most is for students to be informed as they make decisions in their young lives,” said Mary Ann Bell, Superintendent, Burlington Township School District.

Investors Bank Assistant Vice President and Vincentown Branch Manager Andrea Bondy presented the check from the Investors Foundation to Burlington Township High School.

“Burlington Township High School’s program will help engage students in discussions that will help them understand the potential impacts of their actions,” said Bondy.

“Burlington Township School District wishes to thank Investors Foundation for its generous contribution to our efforts,” said Vecere.

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