Letter to the Editor: Cherry Hill resident comments on recent Sun editorial

James Camilli discusses his thoughts on why residents dislike the quality of life in New Jersey.

On the topic of people leaving the Garden State and general dissatisfaction with the quality of life here: New Jersey, like most places, has its good points and bad points. Personally, I like the Cherry Hill area because it combines the quiet suburban neighborhoods with lots of being within reach. But there’s always room for improvement.

Take out legal system for instance. Legal services should be exactly that; services. But are they? No! Instead, lawyers operate as small businessmen and most charge hefty fees for their “services”…fees which many can’t afford. Thus, a large portion of our population goes without legal protection and can’t get help when they need it. (Yes, I know there are supposed “free legal services” for the poor, but based on my own experience, these are extremely limited and unsatisfactory). Obviously, this isn’t the way things should be.

It seems to me that a big part of the problem is that, as a society, we are stuck in the “business as usual” mode rather than exploring other options and alternatives. Are our schools, for instance, doing enough to encourage creative thinking in solving social problems? Or is it just career, career, career? The truth is, as long as we keep doing the same old things, we’ll keep getting the same old results.

James Camilli