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Gloucester County celebrates National Consumer Protection Week

In honor of National Consumer Protection Week, March 3 through 9, the Gloucester County Board of Chosen Freeholders, the Gloucester County Office of Consumer Protection, and the Federal Trade Commission are sharing ideas on the best way to protect oneself against scams.

“The Office of Consumer Protection is always one of the county’s most active departments,” Freeholder Director Robert Damminger said in a press release. “I urge residents to take advantage of the free advice and guidance in most areas of consumer law that the office can provide.”

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Damminger said that the County Office of Consumer Affairs and Weights and Measures works tirelessly throughout the year educating and sharing information with the public in a variety of ways. They can offer ideas on the best ways to protect you and your family against various scams.

The Office of Weights and Measures inspects businesses every day, from the local farm market to make sure their scales are accurate, to the corner service station to ensure you are getting what it says on the pump.

The Office of Consumer Affairs handles complaints against home improvement contractors and makes sure they are registered as required by state law. They can also look into complaints regarding pet purchases, used car sales, furniture sales and many other types of purchases made every day by local consumers.

“I have been out with office staff including the annual High School Consumer Bowl, and the yearly Big Shredding Event and have also observed the Office of Weights and Measures during their inspection of county fuel delivery trucks,” said Freeholder Lyman Barnes, the Liaison to the Consumer Protection.“Our residents are fortunate to have a committed group of employees that keep us alert of identity theft scams, scams targeted at senior citizens, and more.”

As a reminder to residents and businesses, the Office of Weights and Measures has moved to Clayton and the Office of Consumer Affairs remains at the Shady Lane Complex. For information visit www.gloucestercountynj.gov or call 856-384-6855.


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