Cherokee High School Class of 1978 alumni donate art pieces to school

To recognize the 40th anniversary of Cherokee High School’s first graduating class, two alumni recently donated original works of art to the school.

From left are Bob Bobo, Steve Kuzma, Diane Spellman-Grimes, Linda Lamanna-Roselli, Jane Kessler, Barbara Kapeghian, Michele Altmann O’Keefe-Wilson, and Dan O’Callahan (not pictured: Class of 1978 Reunion Committee Chairman, Brian Gutherman)

Cherokee High School’s Class of 1978 was the school’s first graduating class.

In recognition of the 40th anniversary, two alumni recently donated original works of art to the school.

This was also supported by contributions from their classmates.

Steve Kuzma with his art piece

The first piece, entitled “Space Odyssey Expanding Universe”, was painted by Steve Kuzma as a senior project at Cherokee in 1978.

The second is a new piece from Diane Spellman-Grimes entitled “The Joy of Summer”.

She created it in Long Beach Island during the summer of 2018.

Diane Spellman-Grimes with her art piece

Cherokee officials say Kuzma and Spellman-Grimes are accomplished professional artists who began their aspiring art careers as students under Cherokee’s first art teacher, Archie Stalcup, in 1975. These pieces of art are now on display in Cherokee’s South Media Center and are being enjoyed by the students and faculty.