Black History Month in Gloucester Township

At Gloucester Township’s council meeting Monday, Feb. 25, ten residents were honored for their work in the community

From left to right: Dorsett L. Kelly, Emory Moore, George V. Hill, Edward Ferguson, Lamoire White, Jordana Simmons, Allysia Edwards, Robert “Bobby” Harris, Mayor David R. Mayer, Freeholder Jonathan L. Young, Zoe Glover, Christopher Still, Asa Cross, Stacy Gay, Council President Orlando Mercado. Ten Gloucester Township residents were honored at a council meeting Monday, Feb. 25 for their achievements.

Gloucester Township honored 10 residents in honor of Black History Month at its council meeting Monday, Feb. 25. Mayor David R. Mayer was in attendance to thank each honoree for their work in Gloucester Township, whether as a student, teacher or residents working throughout a nonprofit to help others.

These ten individuals were honored at the Gloucester Township council meeting for their work in the community. The bios were provided the Gloucester Township Communications Director.

Emory Moore, a student at Timber Creek High School, is described as someone who was born to lead. He was selected as a junior for the Men’s Leadership Program, a program that recognizes students who demonstrate dignity, honor and character. Emory also volunteers for various school programs, is a member of the football team, and carries a 3.45 GPA. He once found $500 in the school hallway and turned it in to the front office without hesitation “because it was the right thing to do,” he said.

Edward Ferguson is the Vice Principal at Union Valley Elementary School. Mr. Ferguson is a strong role model that the students look up to. He started a student council organization at Union Valley that does various service projects and school fundraisers throughout the year. Through his efforts, students at Union Valley have been able to make important contributions to their community and their elementary school memories go way beyond just their favorite teacher or book — they are learning that there are many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others.

Lamoire White is a well-loved student at Timber Creek High School where she is known for her engaging smile. Her extracurricular activities include the Art Club, One Act Plays, Bible Club, and World Language Club. In addition to being a part of various clubs, Lamoire never hesitates to volunteer her time. She was a counselor at the Crosswords Worship center before becoming a Teachers Aid. She has also volunteered at the Einstein Medical Center “just because she wanted to help.”

Jordana Simmons’ inherent need to help others was at the root of her decision to become a teacher. She is a teacher at Timber Creek High School that students go to for guidance, support and comfort. Jordana pioneered both the African American Literature course and the African American Culture Club at her school. Her classroom door does not shut at the end of the school day or even on graduation day because Jordana’s students know that she will go to bat for them when they need educational support and guidance in their future.

Allysia Edwards is ranked #7 of 321 in the senior class at Highland High School with a GPA of 4.53. Over her high school career, she has taken 18 Honors and AP courses and has excelled in all of them. In addition to her stellar academic record, Allysia is involved in various extracurricular activities including: Student Council, Renaissance Club, Green Team, History Club, Interact, and World of Difference Club. She is also a peer mentor to freshman at her school and participated in the 4thLegislative District Student Enrichment Program. Allysia epitomizes what it means to be a well-rounded student and shows maturity and character well beyond her age.

Mr. Bobby Harris is recognized for his tremendous dedication to his nonprofit organization called DOT (Dreams of Tomorrow), as well as to the youth in our community. Bobby’s organization has partnered with the Police Department to send an individual interested in law enforcement that needs assistance to a law enforcement prep class so that they can be prepared for the Police Civil Service Test. He has also worked as a partner with the Gloucester Township Police Department for the last five years assisting with Juvenile Diversion Programs at the GTPD Family Resource Center.

Zoe Glover is a senior at Timber Creek High School who has made quite an impression on the faculty at her school. She has been on the Principal’s List since 9th grade and carries a GPA of 4.4278. In addition to her excellent grades, Zoe is involved in a plethora of activities at her school including: Peer to Peer, S.T.E.M., World Language Club, Art Club, Interact Club, Science Club, Transition, Concert Band, National Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society. Zoe’s Vice Principal jokes that he wouldn’t be surprised if she is the 1st Female President of the United States!

Christopher Still is a 10th grade student who transferred to Triton this year. When his school counselor met him as a shadow student, she says that she knew right away that he was an exemplary young man. Christopher is described as being extremely driven, goal oriented and hard working in all areas of his life. Christopher has been involved in many activities in both his school and his community including: Student Council, Key Club, One Act Plays, Fall Production, MLK Day of Service, Math Tutoring, Camden County 4H Summer of Service, and the Triton and Gloucester Township Lacrosse teams. In addition to the many activities he partakes in, Christopher is also an all honors student!

Asa Cross, a student at Triton High School, is described as a young man who never shy’s away from hard work. In addition to maintaining all A’s and B’s throughout his high school career, Asa is extremely involved in making his community a better place. Whenever there is a community service event, Asa is among the first to volunteer. In addition to volunteering in his community, he is a kind person who will always go out of his way to help others. His school counselor says that in working with teenagers her entire career, she finds it unusual to find a young person quite like Asa.

Stacy Gray works with English Language Learners (ELL) at Triton High School to help them with their academic pursuits and their English acquisition. Every day her contributions and advocacy for her students enhances the learning environment and strengthens the teach-student rapport. In addition to the meaningful work she does at Triton, Miss Gay is also the head coach of Deptford High School’s Varsity Cheerleading Squad. For these young women, she is more than a coach — she is also an exceptional role model. Once she earns her Master’s degree in education, Miss Gay will certainly go on to be a highly effective educator.