Deptford Rotary looking out for small businesses

The Deptford Rotary Club held a luncheon on Friday, Feb. 8 at Filomena’s Lakeview featuring Freeholder Heather Simmons as a guest speaker. Simmons took the opportunity to speak about initiatives and support for small businesses and how Rotary members could help support local businesses.

“The Deptford Rotary has spent years working to support their community in the form of fundraisers, events, and other outreach,” Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger said in a press release. “Supporting our Rotarians and their causes is a great way to help our communities thrive.”

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“The main goal of the Rotary is community support, and the Deptford Rotary is supporting the community everywhere it is needed; from small business, to youth sports leagues to areas affected by natural disaster,” added Simmons, who works as a liaison to the Department of Economic Development. “It was a great experience to speak with the Deptford Rotary and share information about the expansive programs Gloucester County has to help our small businesses succeed and grow.”

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