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Williamstown entrepreneur donates to Bianca’s Kids

Local nonprofit aims to grant wishes to children and families in need

Special to The Sun: Quandell Iglesia handing a $500 donation to Debbie Savigliano of Bianca’s Kids

It takes two to tango.

Last month, Williamstown native Quandell Iglesia was looking for a nonprofit organization to make a donation to — as it turns out he didn’t have to look further than his own backyard to find a dance partner.

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“I’ve been watching Bianca’s Kids since high school,” the 19-year old Iglesia said. “They’re an organization that I aspire to be like one day.”

According to Iglesia, he perused information from 35 organizations that serve South Jersey before ultimately choosing Bianca’s Kids to be the recipient of his $500 donation.

Iglesia, the president and founder of SNJ Millennials, a nonprofit geared toward helping millennials network and find their way in today’s world, believes assisting nonprofits can help make South Jersey a force to be reckoned with.

“South Jersey has treated me so well in business, it’s my duty to make sure I’m giving back and serving my community if and when I can,” he said. “If we support our local communities a little more and find ways to give throughout the year in little forms or fashions, we would be a stronger South Jersey.”

Bianca’s Kids, on the other hand, is a nonprofit founded by Williamstown resident Debbie Savigliano in memory of her niece, Bianca Yodice, who was a teacher. Because Yodice was so involved with children, Savigliano made it her mission to grant wishes for children in need. To date she’s helped more than 22,000 families with kids up to 18 years old. She’s granted wishes all over the country and globe.

Savigliano said Bianca’s Kids tries hard to hit different demographics when it comes to granting wishes for kids: from children with cancer, cerebral palsy, transplant lists, children in foster care, etc.

Some wishes Bianca’s Kids has granted in the past are gift cards to go shopping for Christmas presents, vacations and paying for a law and advocacy program at Yale University.

“You can see your donation dollars at work, all wishes are posted for transparency,” Savigliano said. “You can see the wishes being granted and see the joy your donation is bringing a family in need.”

Savigliano added they’re starting an initiative in the spring where donors can see potential wishes on the website and choose which wishes they grant.

The hometown support is paramount in the eyes of Savigliano.

“We’ve granted wishes in every state and outside the country,” she said. “Our community is always first. We certainly appreciate any help they can give us in return. Nobody’s going to care about you like your hometown will.”

One of the ways Savigliano is trying to accomplish the goal of granting wishes is partnering with Heartland Films Inc. to create a television show called “Miracle Mob” which will highlight everything Bianca’s Kids does. The Facebook page describes the show as “Miracle Mob is Housewives of NJ meets Mob Wives meets Extreme Home Makeover! A 30 minute unscripted episode.” For more information, visit the Miracle Mob Facebook page.

For more information about Bianca’s Kids or to donate, visit Biancaskids.org or email Savigliano at Debbie@biancaskids.org.

Anthony is a graduate of Rowan University and a proud freelance contributor for 08108 magazine. He has past bylines in The Sun Newspapers and the Burlington County Times.

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