Letter to the Editor: A response to KKK literature

Adams responds to the recent distribution of KKK literature in town.

This is an open letter to the “KKK” members who distributed their literature around Moorestown recently. I just want you to know two things. We aren’t impressed with you, and we aren’t afraid of you.

We aren’t impressed with a handful of false “Christians” who quote scripture that you don’t understand and probably haven’t even read in the context of the Bible. We aren’t impressed with cowards who throw literature around but don’t make themselves available to the public for face to face two-way conversations. And we aren’t impressed at all with people who take up the banner of a group who murdered, tortured and terrorized blacks and Republicans in the American South, who burned churches, bombed families in their homes and hid behind white sheets.

We aren’t afraid of you because you’re weak and powerless. In the past, Klan groups worked with corrupt politicians. The Klan used intimidation, violence and murder (a lot of murders, many more than the 3,000 to 4,000 lynchings you hear about) to keep the opposition party away from the polls. The politicians they supported guaranteed them immunity from prosecution. Nobody’s going to give you a deal like that today. If you step out of line, you’ll step into a cell. Or worse.

I respect your freedoms of speech and the press. I can’t respect your ignorant, hateful and divisive ideas. Here’s an idea: next time you’re sober, go to a library and study the horrible history of race wars in places like Armenia, Rwanda and Darfur. Then, don’t try to start one here.

Greg Adams