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Deptford School District furthering partnership with RCGC

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The Deptford Township School District is ready to continue its ongoing partnership with Rowan College at Gloucester County with the launch of Deptford Collegiate Annex, projected for the fall, and several other programs.

Danielle Lehman, curriculum supervisor, showed the board of education on Jan. 29 what courses the district is hoping to offer to eligible students come the fall and hopefully beyond.

The Deptford Collegiate Annex will have one dedicated classroom at the college for Deptford High to utilize for the course and another available based on Rowan College’s courses. The program provides for 12 free credits per semester, fall and spring. Courses offered can included English and Spanish 101, psychology and some form of public speaking or oral communications. The scope is to provide a “well-rounded opportunity for our kids.”

Depending on registration for the fall program, courses can extend into the spring. Students begin to sign up in April in the high school’s library with Rowan employees.

In the High School Options Program, which is running currently, students are given a chance to take courses on Rowan College’s campus at a 65 percent discounted rate with a professor. Seniors have them worked into their high school schedule, however sophomores and juniors take them on their own free time.

“RCGC did talk about the merge with Cumberland [County College], and it’s eventually going to be Rowan College of South Jersey,” said Lehman. “There will be some adjustments with fees and things like that come the fall of 2020.”

In the spring, through the College Readiness Now grant, a select number of students – 30 currently – are provided the opportunity to take four free math credits. They have two high school teachers working with a college professor, and the credits are transferable.

The course, Lehman described, is algebra, and students are given the opportunity to meet one-on-one for remedial help, if needed, after-school.

“Students receive free textbooks, calculator, notebook and some supplies through the grant,” said Lehman.

In the dual-credit course program, the high school has medical terminology, biomedical ethics, advanced human anatomy and physiology, design and advanced calculus for Rowan College credits. Students are able to take the course for $125 each, which is a reduced fee.

“A possible future offering might be child development. RCGC is starting a new three-plus-one program for students on the Gloucester County campus where students will be able to go for three years, then to Rowan University for a year, and earn their elementary education and special education certificates with a four-year degree,” said Lehman.

Nadia Hager was recognized for her NJROTC Leadership and Excellence. She stands next to Senior Chief Colamarco. (Special to The Sun)

Students and families, Lehman added, will be able to save roughly $30,000 for the degree. Board member Linda Rosser inquired about additional degrees in the three-plus-one program, to which Lehman said she’ll ask the college.

Online courses are also available for juniors and seniors to take at a 65 percent discounted rate, and Deptford Township Mayor Paul Medany started the Deptford Promise last year to provide three free credits to Deptford High students at Rowan College upon graduation.

Board members agreed the course offerings can help entice students to stay at the high school opposed to enrolling at other area districts or vocational schools. An outreach is done at Monongahela Middle School for seventh- and eighth-grade students to keep them at Deptford and at Rowan College.

In other news:

  • Emily Hammett and Shoa Moosavi were recognized as National Merit Scholars.
  • Nadia Hager was recognized by the board for her leadership in the NJROTC program, which was recognized by Sodexo, a hospitality company, earlier in the year.
  • Valerie Gambale, curriculum supervisor, said the high school has carpentry and music academies launching in the fall. Four courses have been staggered between 2020 and 2022. They are carpentry II and III, jury – singing in front of teachers – and senior performance where students showcase their talents.
  • The high school received approval to be an official testing site for the American Medical Certification Association, which allows students to work in hospitals and doctors offices following graduation while in matriculation for a four-year degree.
  • Engineering and computer science academy created a biomedical engineering track for  juniors. Students in the biomedical academy can join it by taking several engineering classes, as well.
  • Seniors in the business academy will be the first graduating class in the program. Additionally, 11 students qualified for the state leadership conference in Atlantic City.
  • The district purchased a new website domain to start the rebranding process.
  • Some 1,400 Chromebooks with computer carts are up and running in classrooms.

The next board meeting will be held on Feb. 12 starting at 7 p.m. at Monongahela Middle School.

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