Dealing with snow in Harrison Township

In order for things to move smoothly in town when it snows, cooperation from all is needed.

As the winter weather begins to settle in, the Harrison Township Public Works Department is reminding residents of the following:

  • Sidewalks must be cleared within 24 hours following the end of a storm;
  • No parking will be permitted on either side of any township street when snow has accumulated on streets until they’ve been plowed. Parked vehicles may be removed at the cost of the vehicle owner (Township Code 214–10);
  • If a snowstorm occurs on trash and recycling days, residents are encouraged to check the township website for information on when, or if, pick up is being rescheduled;
  • Residents are urged to remain patient while the public works department plows the town. Depending on the impact of a storm, the whole town will be plowed eight to 12 hours after the final snowfall; and
  • If a storm is expected to impact the area greatly, residents are urged to restrict travel to allow for emergency responders or key personnel to get to their workplaces.

Residents who may have concerns or question can contact the public works department at (856) 223–1308.