Medford Board of Education held its reorganization meeting

Three board members, a new president and vice president were appointed.

The Medford Township Board of Education held its reorganization meeting this week, where three members were sworn in to three-year terms.

The November election results for the term totaled 7,381 votes for Jeffrey Wagner (who was not present at the reorganization meeting), 7,361 votes for Cynthia Wassersug and 7,159 votes for Heather Foster, granting them seats on the board until 2021.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the teachers of the Medford School District to improve the quality of education for our students,” Wassersug said.

Following the oath of office, Michael Etter was elected president of the board. He previously served as vice president.

Katherine Santamore was elected vice president, and she expressed gratitude toward Trudy Cole, the former president and vice president the year prior.

“I just want to thank Mrs. Cole for really doing a wonderful job for two years, we really appreciate everything you’ve done,” Santamore said.

Superintendent Joseph Del Rossi also spoke highly of Cole, thanking her for her service and effort over the past two years.

“I would just like to also recognize Mrs. Trudy Cole for her leadership over the past two years as president and prior as vice president. Any negotiations with any organization is always challenging and takes time and effort, and she put in a great deal of time and effort in terms of communication,” Del Rossi said. “Mrs. Cole, thank you very much, working with you has been a true pleasure.”

In addition to the appointment of three board members, president and vice president, the board made the following appointments:

The board approved appointment of Marie Goodwin as the school district’s board secretary, custodian of records for open public records act, Burlington County insurance pool joint insurance fund delegate and school public agency compliance officer.

Gale Ferraro was appointed as the district’s 504 compliance officer, child protection and permanency liaison, homeless liaison, harassment, intimidation, and bullying coordinator and substance awareness coordinator.

Tom Olson was appointed as the district’s PARCC coordinator, testing coordinator and Title IX coordinator. Shaun Gray was appointed as the district’s PARCC IT coordinator.

Del Rossi and John Gallagher were appointed as the district’s school safety specialists, while Gallagher was also appointed the district’s AHERA designated person, asbestos management officer, indoor air quality designated person, right to know officer, integrated pest management coordinator and safety committee chairperson.

Affirmative action officers were appointed, with Olson being the officer for school and classroom practices and employment practices, Goodwin as the officer for business, transportation, custodial and cafeteria, and the district affirmative action team will be made up of Olson, Goodwin, Ferraro and Johanna Ingham.

Shawn Ryan was appointed as the district’s chemical hygiene officer; Evon DeGangi was appointed the district’s treasurer of monies; Parker McCay Attorneys at Law was appointed as the district’s attorney/solicitor and bond counsel; Holman, Frenia, Allison, PC was appointed as the district’s auditor; NW Financial Group, LLC, was appointed as the district’s financial advisor of record; Regan Young, England, Butera Architects was appointed as the district’s architect of record; Dante Guzzi was appointed as the district’s engineer; New Road Construction Management was appointed as the district’s construction manager of record and Allen Associates was appointed to provide health insurance broker services.

All appointments are effective until the next reorganization meeting in 2020.

The next board of education meeting will be held on Jan. 28 at 7:30 p.m. at the board of education offices located at 137 Hartford Road in Medford.