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No Knock registry in effect

The following comes from Harrison Township

Effective Jan. 1, the township implemented a “No Knock” registry, which will allow residents to be placed on a list of addresses salespeople are prohibited from visiting.

In order to register your home for the No Knock registry, you must complete the required application on the township website (www.HarrisonTwp.US) and submit it with a $5 check made payable to Harrison Township. You will receive a sticker for your front door, which will tell any potential unwanted visitors that you are on the No Knock registry. If you wish to receive additional stickers, include an additional $5 per sticker.

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When a salesperson or solicitor is issued a permit from the township, they will be provided with a list of addresses they are banned from visiting. Your registration will be valid for one year and must be renewed annually.


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