Sun Editorial: Christmas is days away–let the season be filled with lasting memories

The Sun Newspapers wishes readers a Merry Christmas.

By Alan Bauer
The Sun

Christmas is but a few short days away. For those of us weary of the hustle, bustle, shopping headaches and stress, the finish line is just ahead. The time has almost arrived to simply enjoy the day and, we hope, the memories that come with it.

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Christmas and the holiday season mean many things to many people. We celebrate in different ways, with different traditions. But how ever you celebrate, we hope you and your family create special memories that last a lifetime.

After all, how many of us can remember every gift under the tree? Other than maybe that bike we really, really wanted as a kid, or a puppy, because, well, everybody loves puppies, how many holiday presents truly stand out? Probably not that many.

But some things do last, memories being one of the most important.

Indeed most of us probably have holiday memories they would rather forget. A turkey that was too “well done.” A relative who perhaps got a little too caught up in the Christmas spirit and said and/or did a few things that made everyone super uncomfortable. It happens.

However, most of us also remember the good times. The sharing of food and laughter with friends and family. Maybe a surprise visit from someone who has been out of our life for too long. Even a phone call or card — or these days a text message — from a long lost friend can be quite meaningful.

Those are the types of memories we wish for our readers this year. We hope you have a dinner table filled with laughter and stories celebrating all of the happy times you’ve shared over the years. We hope you have a day filled with smiles and good cheer. We hope you create memories that become part of future holiday tales that begin something like, “Remember that great Christmas of 2018?”

It doesn’t matter if Santa still forgets to bring you that pony you’ve been requesting since age 7. This year, create great memories that will last forever.

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