Letter to the Editor: All I want for Christmas is a chance at a good life

Most kids ask for the latest gaming console or name brand clothes and accessories — here the protagonist just wants a better life

Editor’s Note: A fictional letter penned by George DeGeorge takes the perspective of a Spanish child looking for a brighter future for his family

Dear Santa,

I hope you are reading my letter because I prayed very hard that you would get it. I gave it to the nice soldier with the bushy brown eyebrows and asked him if he would send it to you. He said he would and I believe him.

It’s a little scary leaving our house and walking so far for so long. My big toes are coming out of my sneakers so I guess I’ll ask for a new pair. I like gray ones.

We usually sleep on the hard ground and although the moon and stars sometimes shine and sparkle having a soft bed and a roof over our heads really would be nice.

My mother usually manages to find something to eat but I sure miss my chocolate. Food is scarce and people fight over it a lot. It’s sad to see so many people hungry, angry and hopeless. Some of the more desperate men scare me but since no one has anything there’s very little trouble.

Anyway Santa, I guess what I’m getting at is what I really want this Christmas is just a chance. A chance for me, my mother and my little sister to start a new life. To live in a house with a roof and a soft bed and bathroom with toilet paper. But most of all, to go to school and learn what it is I am to be.

Thank you Santa,