LRHSD ‘Give to Goodwill’ competition results are in

The district collected 76,204 lbs. of clothing.

The Lenape Regional High School District collected an impressive 76,204 lbs. of clothing district wide to donate to Goodwill through a friendly competition among the four district high schools. The final results of the competition were broken down into pounds per student to show which school collected the most clothing in the district according to each school population.

The Lenape Regional High School District recently finished its eighth year of participating in the “Give to Goodwill” competition with an astounding 79,204 lbs. of clothing collected for donation. Students, teachers, staff and family members at each district school were asked to bring in gently used clothing and accessories to be collected and donated to Goodwill. The schools competed against each other, hoping to out-donate the reigning Give to Goodwill champion, Cherokee High School. This year, Seneca High School came out on top.

“Each day, the students in the LRHSD amaze and inspire me. We are very fortunate to have staff who enjoy motivating our teens to volunteer. Collecting donations for the Goodwill is one way every teen can participate in helping our community,” said LRHSD Superintendent of Schools Carol Birnbohm, Ed.D.

The competition kicked off on Monday, Sept. 24 and ended on Tuesday, Nov. 13, giving students well over a month to make donations. The items were collected and then weighed. The school with the most pounds per student was named the winner of the contest. This standard of measure kept the competition fair due to the different populations at each school.

To maintain interest in the competition, the district included a bar graph of real-time standings on each school website homepage. Participants could keep track of their competitors and know how many pounds of donations their school needed to pull ahead.

When the competition concluded, the LRHSD collected 76,204 lbs. of donations to give to Goodwill, which equaled an impressive 3,314 bags of clothing. Seneca High School secured its first-place finish in the competition by collecting 18.21 lbs. of clothing per student with a total of 20,392 lbs. Cherokee High School came in second place collecting 14.92 lbs. per student with a total of 31,822 lbs. overall, followed by Shawnee with 11.32 lbs. per student and 17,964 lbs. overall, and then Lenape with 3.21 lbs. per student and a total of 6,026 lbs. overall. The LRHSD’s eight-year total as a participant in the competition is now 418,525 lbs.

Proceeds from the sale of donated items fund Goodwill’s job training programs and career services that help local residents with disabilities and disadvantages get to work.

“We are incredibly grateful to the Lenape Regional School District for partnering with us in this friendly clothing drive competition,” said Goodwill President & CEO Mark B. Boyd. “This community service project teaches students the importance of recycling and reusing community resources while helping fund Goodwill’s job training programs that help those faced with barriers to employment to get to work.”