Three questions await voters in Cherry Hill Public Schools bond referendum

Polls will be open for the referendum on Tuesday, Dec. 11, between 3 and 8 p.m.

Cherry Hill residents will head to the polls on Dec. 11 to vote on three questions as part of a bond referendum for Cherry Hill Public Schools. The referendum will decide whether voters approve the issuance of bonds for a slew of proposed facility improvement projects within the district.

In 2019, Cherry Hill Public Schools will complete debt payments on its previous bonds. The Cherry Hill resident with an average assessed home of $223,500 currently pays approximately $75 in taxes toward school debt. If the referendum does not pass, the average resident would see a reduction of $75 in their taxes.

Question one of the referendum asks voters whether they want to allow the board of education to expend and issue bonds in an amount not to exceed $49,734,143. The bonds would go toward projects that include security upgrades and improvements and infrastructure improvements that include building envelope and masonry improvements, roof and HVAC replacements to all-purpose rooms, the addition of security vestibule entrances at five schools, the conversion of an all-purpose room to a cafeteria at Johnson Elementary School and the construction of a new multi-purpose room at Johnson. If only question one passes, residents would pay approximately $71 in school debt service tax, a reduction of about $4 from what homeowners currently pay.

Question two asks residents if they wish to allow the board of education to issues bonds of up to $113,402,251 for various improvement projects. The projects include ceiling and lighting replacements, electrical and water upgrades, toilet room upgrades, new small group instruction rooms, HVAC upgrades, conversion of the cafeteria to a music room and the construction of a new cafetorium at Rosa International Middle School, a school-wide renovation, roof replacement and new fire alarm system at Carusi Middle School and construction of new multi-purpose rooms at five elementary schools.

Question two can only be approved if question one is approved. If both questions one and two are approved, residents would pay approximately $237 in school debt service tax, an increase of approximately $162 from what residents currently pay.

Question three asks residents if they will permit the board of education to issue an additional $47,636,213 in bonds for more facility upgrades. The list of projects in the third question include renovated science labs and gymnasium at Carusi, renovated locker rooms at Beck and Carusi middle schools and Cherry Hill East and West high schools, auditorium upgrades at Cherry Hill East, renovated science labs at Cherry Hill West, athletic facility improvements at both high schools and various site improvements throughout the district such as paving, lighting, drainage, sidewalk and accessibility improvements. Question three can only be approved if both questions one and two pass. If all three questions are approved, residents would pay about $307 annually in school debt service tax, resulting in an increase of about $232 per year.

The polls will be open on Dec. 11 between the hours of 3 and 8 p.m. The polling locations for the election are below:

  • District 1: Cherry Hill Fire Station №2, 807 Route 70.
  • District 2: Park Administration Building, Meeting Room, 1301 Park Blvd.
  • Districts 3 and 8: Arista Care, Main Dining Room, 1399 Chapel Ave.
  • District 4: Church Road Civic Association, 2328 Route 38.
  • Districts 5 and 29: Cherry Hill Fire Admin. Building, 201 Burnt Mill Road.
  • Districts 6 and 48: Cherry Hill Community Center, 820 Mercer St.
  • Districts 7 and 45: St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 2001 Springdale Road
  • Districts 9 and 23: St. Thomas Greek Orthodox Church, 615 Mercer St.
  • District 10: Woodcrest Fire Station, 1501 Burnt Mill Road.
  • District 11: Cherry Hill Fire Company №22, 951 Kings Highway North.
  • Districts 12 and 25: Kingsway Church, 2701 West Chapel Ave.
  • Districts 13, 20 and 35: Holy Eucharist Catholic Church, 344 Kresson Road.
  • Districts 14 and 22: Trinity Presbyterian Church, Witherspoon Ctr., 499 Route 70.
  • Districts 15 and 24: Impacting Your World Ministries, 2901 West Chapel Ave.
  • Districts 16, 30, 39 and 40: Temple Emanuel, 1101 Springdale Road.
  • Districts 17, 18 and 42: Unitarian Universalist Church, 401 Kings Highway North.
  • Districts 19, 27, 37 and 38: Cherry Hill Chinese Christian Church, 299 Browning Lane.
  • District 21: St. Michael’s Church, 610 Kings Highway North.
  • Districts 26 and 33: St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, 1989 E. Marlton Pike.
  • Districts 28, 34, 43 and 47: Temple Beth Sholom, 1901 Kresson Road.
  • District 31: The Grand, Social Room, Route 70 and 1920 Frontage Road.
  • District 32: Towers of Windsor, Toledo Building, Community Room, 3005 Chapel Ave.
  • Districts 36 and 46: St. Thomas More Catholic Church, 1439 Springdale Road.
  • District 41: Church Road Civic Association, 2328 Route 38.
  • District 44: Marlkress Fire Station, 1100 Marlkress Road.