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Father-Daughter duo strike a niche

Jacob and Olivia Rozencwaig launched their own podcast over a month ago for the two to learn about new topics together, but have attracted a larger following than either anticipated

Technology presents a bounty of advancements in multiple aspects of life for those of all ages. It has helped save lives, spread information and connect the world through a single device.

However, as many people have most likely witnessed, technology also presents multiple pitfalls and negatives.

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Jacob Rozencwaig, of Voorhees, had an interesting idea over a month ago when watching how his then 4-year-old daughter, Olivia, spent her time on the Internet, mostly YouTube.

Olivia would spend plenty of time watching what are called unboxing videos, where kids or adults open toys or other items and post the video online, something that Jacob didn’t want her doing too much because he felt it lacked a purpose and didn’t have any educational value.

At that point, he had an idea for a way to connect Olivia’s curious nature and interest in technology into something beneficial for her.

“Olivia is really curious by nature and well spoken, especially for her age,” said Jacob. “She asks me lots of questions, and I figured that there has to be a productive way of channeling that energy.”

Jacob and Olivia then started the “Curious Kid Podcast,” a weekly podcast where the father and daughter combo talks about a different topic each week for Olivia, and other kid listeners, to learn about together.

“My dad and I just wanted to tell new things that we learn to other people as we learn it,” Olivia said. “So we just started to do a podcast.”

The podcast launched the first week of October, and averages over 100 listeners per 10-minute episode. They’ve gained listeners from all across the country, as well as across the globe, such as in China and Australia.

Originally, Jacob says he just wanted something fun to do with Olivia to help her learn, with friends and family being able to listen as well if they would like. However, now the intent has shifted to being able to offer parents of young children a podcast with a unique niche.

“That’s the part that was overwhelming, the intention was just to have a productive exercise for daddy and daughter and maybe get a few friends and family to listen,” Jacob said. “But it’s bloomed into something bigger than that.”

Before launching their own podcast, Jacob said he found numerous educational podcasts for kids all around the Internet — but none of them featured a kid co-host, which he felt would make it more unique and appealing to kids to listen to.

“In all the podcasts I found, kids were asking the questions, but adults were the only ones answering them,” Jacob said. “I felt like a kid co-host was more relatable.”

According to Jacob, the podcast offers parents something for them to listen to with their kids while driving them to school or waiting for the bus before school to learn about topics kids might wonder about. Kids can even submit their own questions about topics they want to know more about as well.

So far, the podcast has covered teeth, rainbows and candy, and looks forward to covering more topics young children might want to know more about. Occasionally, the pair welcomes a guest on the show who might be an expert on a topic, such as a dentist for the effect sugar and candy has on teeth and your health, but helping explain it in a kid-friendly way.

The podcast is available at curiouskidpodcast.buzzsprout.com and on the Apple and Google Play stores, as well as Spotify. Listeners can subscribe to the podcast on all sites and platforms, and send in questions to be answered in the mailbag segment in future episodes.


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