Council discussed World War II and Korean War monument designs

The upgraded design plans were still not uniform with monuments in place.

The discussion regarding the World War II and Korean War monuments continued at this week’s Medford Council meeting.

Previously, the council was provided with photos and dimensions for World War II and Korean War monuments to be placed in Freedom Park, to which the council agreed the new designs differed too extensively from monuments already in place.

All council members agreed the proposed design was too flamboyant, and if the design differed too much, it might come across as one war was more important than another.

After this discussion, Mayor Chuck Watson said he went to the committee to explain the council unanimously decided the monuments should look like those already at the memorial; however, when Watson received the upgraded designs, he said the shapes were similar to those in place but there was still too much color.

There were also concerns the presented designs featured too many images. The council discussed its desire to maintain a black granite appearance, with some images etched into stone.

Deputy Mayor Brad Denn said he spoke to various Medford residents who were unaware of the council’s discussion regarding the monuments to ask for their opinion on how the monuments should appear.

“Every single one, I talked to about six different people, said they all should look the same — it makes sense,” he said.

Councilman Frank Czekay said the monuments should be uniform in terms of color, and that color can be brought to the memorial through the upkeep of landscaping.

The memorial will also incorporate the addition of a battlefield cross.

Watson said one or multiple members of the council will have to sit down with the committee to ensure the design is how they described, as well as to discuss the budget.

In other news:

  • The dedication of Still Park (formerly known as Cranberry Park) took place on Nov. 17, in honor of the legacy of Dr. James Still.
  • The council discussed proposed planning and zoning fee changes and the possibility of increasing them. The last time they were raised was in 2014, and permit fees are no longer covering the expenses needed.

The next regular meeting will be held on Dec. 4 at the Public Safety Building located at 91 Union St. at 7 p.m.