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Letter to the Editor: ‘The seats on Moorestown Town Council has reached an apex’

Jackson advocates for Gillespie and Donnelly.

To my Moorestown neighbors,

The race for two seats on Moorestown Town Council has reached an apex. Tuesday, Nov. 6 we will cast our votes for candidates we believe best represent Moorestown today, our vision for the future and how to get there. During the Oct. 30 forum, the Republican Candidates stated their satisfaction with the status quo. More than once, the Republicans asserted Moorestown is doing well and is on a good financial footing and taking action for present and future needs. This was in stark contrast to the Democratic candidates, Nicole Gillespie and Brian Donnelly, who painted a much different picture, a picture of town leadership in need of mending.

I’ve recently gotten to know both Nicole and Brian. They love this town, the community and the vision we share for a positive future. Pointing out deficiencies in how the council is presently ran, is not an attack against the town itself. We as residents can only be involved and informed as town council encourages and allows us to be. Understanding each issue with a promise of leadership, service and integrity, Nicole and Brian were brave enough to shine a light on issues that have been flying under the radar and behind the close doors of town council.

Town Council needs to honestly recognize where we are now and accept that, while difficult, there are changes that can most occur to ensure Moorestown’s success in the future. I believe Nicole and Brian will bring financial responsibility fairness and cohesiveness between council and residents, and inclusivity across all of Moorestown.

Shelly Jackson

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