Letter to the Editor: Writer questions the wisdom of Memorial Field upgrades

Scott discusses what construction could mean to the surrounding residents.

I wonder about the wisdom of selecting Memorial Field for the construction of a new soccer facility with lit fields. Unfortunately, this has created an unpleasant divide among the community. Until very recently, only the sports clubs, planning board and council have had any input. But it is the home owners who could most accurately describe what the true impact would be to their property values, quality of life and peace of mind. What about the veterans who have defended us? That ground, not just the markers, is sacred to their memory, their families and all veterans who have sacrificed for our freedom.

It is time we stopped letting people who are not stake holders decide our fate. It has been made abundantly clear that the sports clubs pull more weight than the residents whose homes border Memorial Field on all four sides and the friends, families and veteran groups who worked so tirelessly to have those fields dedicated to the memory of fallen heroes.

I ask all residents to consider the importance of not letting this happen. It is time to look into alternative locations that would not be detrimental to residents so the kids can play, the neighbors enjoy their homes and the veterans can be honored appropriately. To date we have seen no proposals that do that. No one wants to stop the children from having sufficient fields. What we do want is to provide those fields in a way that does not do damage to this wonderful community we live in and its residents.

Roberta Scott