Letter to the Editor: Ravitz is a strong charitable figure

Ted Winsley, chaplain for the Philadelphia Eagles, supports Ravitz due to his activism against hate and hunger in the community

To Whom It May Concern,

Jason Ravitz was a friendly resource as we were moving our ministry into Voorhees, NJ. He graciously gave me an opportunity to talk about my vision and desires I have for this particular community. As Deputy Mayor, he was instrumental in helping us secure a permanent location at The Coliseum on Preston Avenue.

As an African- American clergyman, it gives me great relief to align my vision with a city official who is an activist working to end hate and racism in our community. Jason has provided for the needy and opened the first new supermarket in Camden in 40 years. He has helped countless charitable organizations in South Jersey where funds are needed daily. He has been fighting hunger in our area through his family’s supermarket business and their “Partners in Caring” program for years.

It is my absolute pleasure and honor to support Jason Ravitz for reelection as Deputy Mayor of Voorhees Township.


Ted Winsley
Chaplain for the Philadelphia Eagles
Senior Pastor/ The Family Church