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The Sun One-on-One … with Williamstown senior Bryce Monahan

The Sun One-on-One … with Williamstown senior Bryce Monahan

Monahan, who scored the Braves lone goal in their opening round win over Shawnee in the South Jersey Group 4 playoffs, talks teammates, teachers, entrance music, and the team’s rivalry with Washington Township

Williamstown High School senior Bryce Monahan in control in the first half of a first-round playoff game against Shawnee with Renegades players Ben Dellmyer (18) and James Murray (4) among those in pursuit. After playing to a 1–1 tie, Williamstown won in a penalty kick shootout. (RYAN LAWRENCE, The Sun)

In a perfect world, Bryce Monahan’s final high school soccer season wouldn’t end at least until his Williamstown team got another shot at taking down rival Washington Township. The Braves lost both regular season meetings to the Minutemen, one of the best teams in the state.

But when the South Jersey Group 4 playoffs got underway on Oct. 29, that dream matchup for Monahan and the Braves was too far ahead to think about. Each team would still have to win two more games and, in high school playoff soccer, the unpredictable often flies in the face of anyone’s best-laid plans.

No matter when or where Williamstown’s season ends in 2018, it’s been a successful season. They had already advanced further than they had in 2017, they reeled off a 10-game winning streak in October, and they have a senior-laden club eager to finish their high school careers on a high note.

One of those Braves seniors, team-leading goal scorer Monahan, took part in The Sun One-On-One following Williamstown’s opening-round win over Shawnee (they won in penalty kicks after the teams played to a 1–1 tie) in the South Jersey Group 4 playoffs.

The Sun: You guys have put together a pretty nice season.

Monahan:It’s been a great season, it’s been exhilarating. We have a ton of seniors, we’re bringing a ton of emotion into our games. It’s been exhilarating to work together.

The Sun: You guys put quite a winning streak together recently, right?[Williamstown was undefeated in 10 consecutive games to begin October until a one-goal loss to Washington Township in the Coaches’ Tournament].

Monahan:Yeah, we went through some adversity in the beginning of the season when we faced (Washington) Township. [Editor’s note: the Braves’ first loss to Township was in the middle of a span when they lost three of five games at the end of September]. But then we collected ourselves and brought ourselves back to compete.


The Sun: What do you credit that turnaround to, how you rebounded and went on that run?

Monahan:It’s a team of seniors, seniors working together in one force, and trying to bring out positivity as much as we can

The Sun: I’m guessing a lot of you have played together for a while?

Monahan:We’ve played together since we were really, really young.

The Sun: How many of you in that group?

Monahan: About 12 of us.

The Sun: That’s nuts.

Monahan: Yeah it’s pretty crazy.

The Sun: So is it going to be weird next year when you’re not playing together?

Monahan:Yeah, it’s going to be emotional when the year finally ends and we go our separate ways to college. But that’s all part of the journey.

Monahan celebrates a game-tying goal against Shawnee in the first round of the South Jersey Group 4 playoffs. (RYAN LAWRENCE, The Sun)

The Sun: What do you credit to your own personal success?

Monahan:Just the driven attitude to work for my teammates. I appreciate every single one of them and I want to work toward a goal with them.

The Sun: When did you begin playing soccer?

Monahan:Um… probably around 6.

The Sun: Do you play any other sports?

Monahan: Lacrosse.

The Sun: Are you going to play soccer in college?

Monahan:I’m looking to. I’m in the middle between lacrosse or soccer.

The Sun: That’s good, to have options and decisions.

Williamstown High School celebrates a victory in penalty kicks over Shawnee in the first round of the South Jersey Group 4 playoffs. (RYAN LAWRENCE, The Sun)

Who is the toughest opponent you’ve played all year?

Monahan:I have to go with the Township rivalry. The Township rivalry, so much emotion comes out in that game, we just want to go at each other.

The Sun: A good kind of hate?

Monahan: A good hate, but it’s also good competition all around.

The Sun: Who is your favorite teammate?

Monahan:Aw, man.

The Sun: OK that’s not that fair. How about this, who is your funniest teammate?

Monahan:Probably Dylan, Dylan Farracchio.

The Sun: Just a good personality?

Monahan: Just the bond that we have, always buddying up in practice, always messing around with each other.

The Sun: Who is your smartest teammate?

Monahan:Man… you’re not (messing around). Probably Isaias (Hernandez). Yeah, Isaias is definitely the smartest.


The Sun: Let’s stay on smart for a minute. What’s your favorite subject in school?

Monahan: I like the sciences, anatomy, learning the human body parts and that stuff.

The Sun: Do you have a favorite teacher, someone you want to give a shout-out to?

Monahan:I’d probably have to go with Coach (Dave) Geyer over here.

The Sun: What does he teach?

Monahan: Sports literature.

The Sun: Oh, sweet, that’s a fun class. I’d like to take that one.

Do you have a favorite movie?

Monahan: Probably “Remember the Titans.”

The Sun: That’s a good one, especially before those playoff games to get pumped up.

Monahan:Oh yeah.


The Sun: Do you have a current TV show you’re into, marathoning?

Monahan: I’m trying to think. [Someone overhears and chimes in with a suggestion)]. Dancing with the Stars? [Laughs]. No, it’s a summer thing, but probably “Big Brother.”

The Sun: Oh, ok. That’s been on TV for forever, probably before you were born.

OK, if you can pick anyone from any other team to play for you guys, who would that be?

Monahan: Probably Arturo Serrano from Township.

The Sun: Just a really good player.

Monahan: Just a respect for the game that he has, an appreciation he has. It’s (contagious).

The Sun: Did you ever play with him, on a club team or something?

Monahan:I played several times against him in club. I just appreciate the respect that he has.

The Sun: Alright, you’re in the state finals or at an All-Star game, and during pre-game introductions each person gets his own entrance music. What song are you picking?

Monahan:[Laughs]. Probably Thunderstruck. Probably Thunderstruck.

The Sun: You’re like the second person in a row that’s said that. I think Chad …

Monahan: … Yates?

The Sun: Yeah, Chad Yates from Washington Township picked that, too.

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