Letter to the Editor: Know the two different BOE elections this year

Ruth Gluck wants residents to know how much she believes Chheda will work for their children if elected

Voorhees residents are fortunate to have Mayur Chheda running in the Nov. 6 election for the Voorhees Board of Education. He will bring his vision, expertise and education to our elementary schools and middle school. I know that he wants every child in our town to have the same support and success that he desires for his two sons.

Mayur and I share a special and unique bond of having a special needs child in our schools. I believe Mayur will be a true advocate for all students and he will help ensure every child has the chance to maximize his or her potential. He will work diligently for each and every student to achieve their individual highest potential — this includes addressing standards to better prepare students for middle school and high school. Please join me in supporting Mayur Chheda for Voorhees Board of Education.

Also, I would like to remind my fellow Voorhees neighbors, we have two separate school boards in Voorhees.

Voorhees Board of Education, which serves the kindergarten through eighth grade for our elementary schools and middle school, and the Eastern Board of Education, which serves Eastern High School, ninth through twelfth grade.

During this year’s election, you will be selecting two candidates for Eastern Regional School Board (which is ninth and twelfth grade) and three candidates for Voorhees Board of Education (which is K to eighth grade).

Please remember to vote on Nov. 6 for Mayur and his campaign running mates — remember Chheda, Van Aken and Watson for Voorhees Board of Education.

Ruth Gluck