Letter to the Editor: Lies about Michelle Nocito need to stop

Maria Grande wants to remind residents the truth about Nocito’s character and work ethic

While I am not one who believes in overreacting to negativity, I owe it to all residents of Voorhees to condemn the false statements and blatant lies being circulated about Michelle Nocito by her political opponents.

The classes which she attends as the Township Director of Public Safety have nothing to do with her graduate degree, because she already achieved her MBA from Drexel in 2015 before she was elected to township committee. Rather, she is working on a project with public safety experts around the state to develop a volunteer firefighter program to recruit more first responders and continue to save taxpayers thousands of dollars and keep our community safe. This is a year-long program and she attends on her own time.

What is most disappointing to me is that, despite other township officials attending this program in the past, she is being criticized for stepping up to the challenge to create an even stronger fire department for the safety of Voorhees residents and their families. Her opponents did not do their homework and instead looked to twist information to attack Michelle’s character and integrity. They circulated misleading information about her regarding her attendance at meetings and failed to tell you that on the Planning Board she is the Mayor’s designee, and therefore not required to attend all meetings. They misrepresented her attendance at committee meetings by failing to disclose when she dialed in by phone and when she missed work sessions to be with her child who has had multiple hospitalizations.

I have sat with Michelle in the E.R. with her child. I know who she is as a mother, a woman and a leader in this community. This attempt at public criticism is politically motivated just days before the election. Perhaps her opponents should look inward and reflect on how they can help their community rather than tear others down to build themselves up. This is just more shame-style woman- bashing that has no place in local politics.

Michelle’s commitment to public safety and our first responders is what earned her the public backing in this campaign by the local firefighter’s union and the Michelle I know will continue to learn as much as she can about public safety, because the safety of Voorhees residents and their families are her top priority.

Maria Grande