Letter to the editor: Michelle Nocito is the right person for committee

Troy Brocco is appreciative of Nocito’s support, dedication to community

My wife and I can no longer stand idle while the opposition of our very dear friend, Michelle Nocito, attempt to slander and spew inaccurate information about her.

We received a mailer that is 100 percent offensive, but false. The Michelle I know is selfless, hardworking and 100 percent works for the betterment of this community.

Michelle is a mother of two children, a wife and a successful business woman.
My experiences with Michelle include her volunteering hours of her personal time making our sports fields better and spending endless hours with our children as if they were her own.

It seems a lifetime ago when Michelle and I volunteered our time as co-presidents for the E.T. Hamilton PFA. That is when our families met and I was able to witness Michelle balance family, business and begin her journey to serve this Voorhees community that we became to know as family.

Partisan politics is not on her agenda and helping her friends in the time of need is her priority. Michelle is full of knowledge and makes herself available to be the “go to” when information or direction is required.

There was an incident that occurred that was handled inappropriately that involved my family. My daughter had a concern because she was in fear for her life and the safety of others. There was no hearsay or bullying involved relative to this direct event. It is unfortunate that so many people had to speculate and twist this event in order to cover up their own mishandling of “see something, say something.” The only people that acted accordingly and moved quickly were Michelle and the Voorhees Police Department.

This was not an abuse of power by Michelle; this was a representative knowing how to handle a very time-sensitive issue quickly and decisively. The information that Michelle provided my family was crucial, insuring that no one was hurt in the process.

Let me be very clear that my daughter never rescinded any statement. I will not allow her to be labeled as a whistleblower for doing the right thing.
Michelle Nocito is an example of leadership in this community. I’m appalled that the voters have to be exposed to this level of smut for a local campaign. Let Michelle’s record speak for itself.

I will support Michelle Nocito because of who she is as an individual. She will continue to grow this community as a family if given the opportunity to just do her job without having to deflect lies and attempts to destroy her character.
Re-elect Michelle not because she is a Democrat, but because she is the right person for the job.

Troy Brocco