Letter to the Editor: Vote for someone you can trust

Voorhees resident urges voters to think of character when voting in November

Dear Editor:

I write urging Voorhees residents to reject the re-election bids of Jason Ravitz and his running mate Michele Nocito. There are two other candidates on the ballot, Carmine Valentino and Ilyse Pinette, who are well qualified to fill the positions. Neither of them has abused power.

Jason Ravitz’ has had multiple encounters with Voorhees Township Police Department. The encounters are documented by police incident reports, surveillance and police body cam video.

Mr. Ravitz’ alleged public intoxication and belligerent, aggressive behavior are enough to disqualify him from public office but his attempts to intimidate local police are the disqualifier for me. There is no place in public life for a person who uses his elected position of trust in an abusive manner.

During his encounters with the police Ravitz reminded the police that he was “responsible for their raises and promotions”, and referenced a senior officer’s race. He also requested that officers turn off body cameras.

According to a January 2018 police incident report, Ravitz is noted to have been sitting in his vehicle with the odor of alcohol on his breath and slurring his words. He had to be warned by the responding officer that he would be arrested if he moved the vehicle while in the presence of police.

He is clearly lacking in judgment and did not hesitate to pull a power play on our local police.

Throughout Ms. Nocito has been silent regarding Mr. Ravitz’ clear abuses of power and has not distanced herself from his despicable behavior. Further, Ms. Nocito is taking advantage of taxpayers by having Voorhees Township pay $3,700 for a professional certification course from Rutgers, which inures to her financial benefit, not ours. Ravitz and Nocito — taking advantage of the taxpayer and abusing power.

Vote them out.

Sally A. Lytle