Letter to the Editor: Striving for better on BOE

Schneiberg makes his case for re-election on the Board of Education.

I am proud to have represented the citizens of Moorestown on the School Board for the past few years and am running for re-election to continue to make progress advocating for the issues that matter to all of the stakeholders in the district.

In the time I have been on the board, I have listened to the concerns of the community and refused to accept “this is how we’ve always done it here” as a reason not to strive for better.

On behalf of working parents, I have pushed for changes to the district calendar that would address the concerns surrounding “No School November,” and this year, there have been substantive improvements made that will result in more time for students to be in school throughout the month.

In response to the concerns of the community, I have collaborated with fellow board members and challenged the administration to build a plan to offer free full day kindergarten to the entire district, and as a result, a task force is working on that plan throughout this year.

As chair of the budget committee on the school board, I have advocated for fiscal discipline and consideration for the impact our decisions make on the taxpayers of Moorestown. As one example, we have focused reducing the escalating health benefits costs, through expanding choices for district employees, while preserving the excellent quality of care that they deserve.

There much more that can be done, and, if re-elected, I pledge to continue to listen to the concerns of all of you and do whatever I can to elicit change that makes a difference. As you evaluate those of us running for school board, I encourage all voters to look beyond what each candidate says, but what they have done and will do on your behalf.

Dimitri Schneiberg