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Letter to the Editor: Clearview bike club

The following letter was written by Mathew Combs in response to a recent story in The Sun on Clearview’s newest bike club.

I just read your article about the idea of a mountain biking club at Clearview, and as much as I would like to applaud and endorse the idea, there is something troubling that was rather conveniently left until the very end of the article. It does not clearly state Woodworth’s interests in the Action Wheels Bike Shop.

I have been doing business with AW since it’s inception on a side street in Woodbury, during the seventies. It was the only place of its kind where true BMX riders, and kids who wanted to look like they were true BMX riders, could go and purchase bikes and bike paraphernalia.

The staff was always kind, helpful and welcoming to anyone, with any type of a bicycle, or skill level for that matter.
I remember Patty and her brother at the shop. It was cool to go to a place where a couple of nice teens could answer your questions, and sell you your goods.
To this day, I believe that the two siblings are still heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of the store on Route 45.
Over the years, my family has purchased everything from helmets to bikes from AW. I have always applauded their prices, selection, and service.
Upon reading the article, I was struck by the fact that very little was mentioned about Patty’s connection to the shop, which has to be about forty years in existence. I was disappointed by the fact that your publication kept the fact that she owns the shop, and that her involvement with such a club, may make her motives suspect.
Your article makes Patty’s mission appear to be very altruistic in nature. No equipment, means no problem. As long as the bike seems to be sound enough to handle the terrain and such, all seems good. There are many sports like golf, tennis, and equestrian where the equipment can be expensive. I believe that JFK and his family felt that sailing should be taught and available to all as well.
I wish Patty well on her new endeavor. I hope that more kids can be involved with a different sport like some southern schools have endorsed bass fishing tournaments.

Next time, when you write an article, try to be more forthcoming about one’s connections to a given industry. Writing a small blurb at the end of the article about how to get in touch with someone hardly reveals a possible, and hopefully minuscule, conflict of interest with being a founder of a club, or organization, that will rely on the use of bicycles. I wish Patty well, but too many people have seen schools as great ways to make great amounts of money, off good numbers of people.

Mathew Combs

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