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Letter to the Editor: Vote for candidates with leadership experience

Young said he appreciates Gillespie’s and Donnelly’s military experience.

In reviewing the qualifications of the four candidates for the two seats on the township council, I came to the following conclusion. One candidate was a naval academy graduate, a naval officer and the recipient of a doctoral degree in science education. Another candidate is a military officer and has a doctorate in law. Two candidates are patriotic, highly-educated leaders while the other two candidates — from their own flier — appear to be running for a high school AV squad position.

As a Vietnam veteran and a former captain in the United States Air Force, I will be voting for the patriotic, highly-educated leaders — Nicole Gillespie and Brian Donnelly.

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An observation is in order. The Republican candidates for the house, the county and one seat on the Board of Education correctly use red in their signage. However, the Republican candidate for the senate as well as the two candidates for council use blue in their signage. Now, the observation: using a color of the opposing party in their signs makes one assume that the candidates involved are, intentionally or accidentally, duplicitous ? I guess. Yes!

Dr. Fred Young


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