Author Ali LaVecchia held a discussion at the Quaker Meeting House

The discussion was held on Oct. 4, where she highlighted her writing process, her book topics and current research.

On Oct. 4, Ali LaVecchia addressed a room full of interested readers at the Quaker Meeting House in Medford. She highlighted her writing process, her book topics and current research for an upcoming nonfiction children’s book that will showcase Dr. James Still, the Pinelands doctor from our area.

“Although my ‘Booger and Beans’ mystery series targets a younger audience, around the fifth grade and up,” LaVecchia explained, “There is a multitude of older readers picking up these books. I’m proud to say they reach into their nineties. Parents and grandparents alike are reading and sharing my stories because they are quick moving, playful and wholesome.”

The author admits that tackling her first nonfiction children’s book will be a challenge, but she’s up for it.

“With so many resources available that include information about James Still, especially his own autobiography, I have plenty of details to cover that would interest children,” LaVecchia said.

She referenced the African-American’s influences by and interactions with the local Native Americans along with his herbal remedies. She also plugged reading Still’s “Early Recollections and Life of Dr. James Still” which is “a sincere and honest picture of the life of a hard-working, self-educated man who longed to be a medical doctor.”

LaVecchia smiled and reminded her audience, “The holidays are around the corner. Wouldn’t this be a perfect opportunity to share time together with your grandchildren or children through the world of adventure and mystery?” She added they could read more about her ongoing work and locate book copies via her author website or