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Moorestown resident named chair of kidney walk

The 17th annual Philadelphia Kidney Walk to be held on Oct. 14 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

National Kidney Foundation Serving the Delaware Valley has announced that Moorestown resident Mark Baiada, founder and chairman of BAYADA Home Health Care, will serve as this year’s Corporate Chairman for the 17th annual Philadelphia Kidney Walk to be held on Oct. 14 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

As honorary chairman for the event, Baiada will help encourage the community to join him in promoting kidney health and kidney disease prevention. In Pennsylvania alone, 157,460 people are being treated for kidney failure and 6,238 are awaiting transplants.

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“I am honored to chair this year’s Philadelphia Kidney Walk and join NKF in reminding people that kidney disease can affect anyone — young or old — but the risk can be reduced with regular checkups, a healthy diet, and exercise,” said Baiada. “Ask your doctor a simple question, especially if you have high blood pressure or diabetes: ‘How are my kidneys, doc?’”

Baiada credits two living kidney donors in his life for motivating his involvement in this important cause. He first witnessed the donation process up close when long-time friend and Kidney Foundation supporter Guy Giordano donated a kidney to save his sister’s life. Then in 2017, BAYADA employee and Burlington County (NJ) Freeholder Linda Hughes donated her kidney to a stranger, starting a seven-person donor chain.

The Kidney Walk is the nation’s largest fundraiser to fight kidney disease. Held in nearly 100 communities, more than 85,000 walkers join NKF to raise more than $9 million to help kidney patients and their families each year. More than 80 cents of every dollar donated directly supports NKF programs and services. Kidney Walk organizers and others who will support the event are part of a larger community that stays on the front lines to promote kidney health and help prevent and end kidney disease. NKF urges Kidney Walk participants and the public to make an explicit commitment to “Heart Your Kidneys” by learning about the kidney’s vital functions and help elevate the kidneys to the status of other vital organs such as the heart.


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