Monroe Township Parks and Recreation Department announces date for Main Street Makeover

Information from the “Main Street Makeover” Facebook page

We need your help, Monroe Township is having a makeover! The makeover will take place on Saturday, Oct. 27 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., meeting at the Pfeiffer Community Center.

The Parks and Recreation Department has a lot on the docket for the makeover day including: putting together and hanging more than 80 hanging plants on light posts, putting together over 100 large pot planters with plants and small trees, weed whacking the curbs and sidewalks, painting curbs, landscaping the lot of the old library, landscaping the street along the Pfeiffer parking lot and Hoffer House, decorating the street strategically with plant pots and painting where needed.

The flier on the Facebook page has the following message to residents:

“I know I/we speak for all of you that we want our Main Street to show the pride we have for our town. We all believe that Main Street, as it sits today, is not a proper representation of what we feel or how we want it to look. If we want change we need your help. If we want new businesses to come to our town we need to make a statement that we care. We cannot expect any business to come to our Main Street without showing our pride.”

For more information, visit the Main Street Makeover Facebook page.