British Chip Shop to cease operations before Christmas

Plans to stay open through Dec. 23 and hold all previously scheduled events until then

The British Chip Shop, where residents of the borough and beyond could go to get their fix of fish & chips, other uniquely British delicacies and drinks and to view Premier League soccer on Kings Highway since 2010, announced on Monday its decision to cease operations just before Christmas.

“A note to our customers, family, and friends: this will be our last Holiday Season and we will be retiring and finish service on Dec. 23. The British Chip Shop has been a Haddonfield and South Jersey staple for almost ten years. It has been our honor and privilege to serve the community, to celebrate with you at holidays, engagements, birthday and anniversaries, to celebrate the lives of those passed; to watch World Cups, Royal Weddings, and ring in the New Year. To our regulars, our neighbors, and our friends- Thank You for your Patronage,” read a message on the business’ Facebook page.

In the meantime, the Chip Shop will be holding to previously-scheduled engagements. Harry Potter Trivia will be held on Thursday night at 7 p.m. and a screening of the 11th season of the modern revival of Doctor Who is set to occur Sunday, Oct. 7 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The Victoria Freehouse, located at 10 S. Front Street in Philadelphia, remains open and will be taking any catering or pastry orders after the new year at (215) 543–6089 or