Weekly Roundup: Dating game, PARCC scores, Nobel Peace Prize

Catch up on what happened this week in Shamong.

Sun Editorial: Playing the (expensive) dating game

A recent study by 24/7 Wall Street ranked New Jersey as №2 on the most expensive states to date in list at a whopping $260 per date. The state followed only New York at $297 per date. Clearly, someone out there isn’t making full use of the various “value menu” options at local eateries.

The cheapest place to pitch and woo? South Dakota at $38, meaning, if the chemistry is super right, the entire dating process, from first meeting to ring on a finger, in South Dakota might be wrapped up for the cost of just a few outings in New Jersey.

The full story can be found at https://shamongsun.com/sun-editorial-playing-the-expensive-dating-game-b2b3d216953b

PARCC test results were examined

PARCC scores are in at the Shamong Township School District, and the results were evaluated by Director of Curriculum and Instruction Laura Hoffman at this week’s board of education meeting.

The math scores for the state average are at 728 and the Shamong Township School District averages at 754 when students leave the district. For algebra, the state average is 746, and the district average is 802.

The state average of PARCC scores for ELA is 759, and the Shamong Township School District scores average at 777.

The full story can be found at https://shamongsun.com/parcc-test-results-were-examined-2e7799a4faf

Nobel Peace Prize nominee shares ways of creating inner peace

David Steinberg, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, is pictured at Pinelands Branch Library on Sept. 18.

With a passion for peace and poetry, David L. Steinberg is spreading his knowledge and his work throughout the community.

The Haddon Heights resident has been chosen as a 2018 Nobel Peace Prize nominee by the International Writers and Artists Association for his work in a book titled “My Enemy in the Mirror — Finding Peace in an Unpeaceful World.” He has been partaking in peace discussions for the past four years.

Steinberg’s upcoming discussion at the Pinelands Branch Library will be on Thursday, Sept. 27, at 6:30 p.m., where he will express ways in which individuals can find peace within themselves.

The full story can be found at https://shamongsun.com/nobel-peace-prize-nominee-shares-ways-of-creating-inner-peace-2d11226fad1d