Cinnaminson Fire Lieutenant delivers baby while on vacation

A camping trip took an interesting turn for Fire Lt. Philip Drangula.

The Cinnaminson Fire Department is extremely proud of one of its employees who helped to deliver a baby while on vacation.

Fire Lieutenant Philip Drangula of Florence, New Jersey, was camping with his family at the Baker’s Acres Camp Ground in Little Egg Harbor, when he was notified that a woman was not feeling well. Drangula, a career Fire Lieutenant/EMT with the Cinnaminson Fire Department and a part-time EMT with Gloucester County EMS, quickly determined that the woman was about to deliver a baby. Assisted by a Sheriff’s Officer who was also vacationing at the camp grounds, the two prepared for the delivery while awaiting local EMS from the Parkertown Volunteer Fire Company.

As Frank Runzo, Chief of the Parkertown Volunteer Fire Company arrived, the baby was in the process of being delivered. The parents and baby are extremely lucky that Drangula and the others were present as the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around the baby’s neck. Once delivered, they all worked together to remove the cord and got the baby breathing.

According to Chief Runzo, baby and mother are both doing well. “As an employer, we are extremely proud of Lieutenant Drangula,” stated Frank Ellison, Chairman of the Cinnaminson Board of Fire Commissioners. William Kramer, Jr., Chief of the Cinnaminson Fire Department stated, “Emergency services workers are never off duty. They are always prepared to jump into action whenever and wherever an emergency occurs. The actions of Lieutenant Drangula and the Sheriff’s Officer over the Labor Day weekend prove that and they are all to be commended”.