Letter to the Editor: Recycling the Right Way

Letter writer stresses the importance of making sure your recycling techniques actually count.

Recycling is a concept that has been rooted in many communities. It is a task that helps Earth thrive. The United States Environmental Protection Agency stated on its website that recycling reduces the waste that is brought to incinerators and landfills and keeps the country economically secured by means of using national material and supporting domestic manufacturers. It is consistently a good thing to do.

The problem is that what people were taught incorrectly. What they were not aware of was how it made recycling mills cost more to run. According to Kelly Flynn in her article published to The Cinnaminson Sun, “County recycling officials urge ‘when in doubt, throw it out’,” sometimes the best thing to do with recyclables is to throw it in the trash. While recycling is a practice every household should take part in, the benefits of it are nullified when implemented haphazardly.

Flynn is correct bringing light to this ecological problem and encouraging proper recycling. Recycling improperly is not only a waste of time and resources, it is also a waste of money. Families would be crushed to hear that what they were dumping in their bins were actually their wallets.

People should be informed of their mistakes and be taught how to recycle correctly.

Representatives from recycling plants can come into schools to inform children about the concept. School assemblies can include engaging demonstrations and interactive lessons. They would learn early so that they carry what they learned into their later years when they move out, keeping the right methods in mind. These instructions can then be carried into future generations keeping the good deed in mind. By teaching them early it keeps them from implementing wrong methods during their lifespan.

Ethan Huynh