Haddonfield announces change to recycling materials list

Borough’s recycling plant no longer accepting plastic bags

The borough has been informed by its recycle plant that plastic bags can no longer be accepted. If residents have been using plastic bags inside their recycling cans, or if they have include plastic bags from grocery stores in recycling bins, they are asked to please discontinue this immediately.

If residents fail to make the required changes, the plant will begin assessing a fee to the borough for contaminated loads.

It is imperative that residents no longer put plastic bags into recycling containers. Haddonfield’s Acme and most Kohls, ShopRite, Target, Wal-Mart and Lowe’s stores do accept such plastics for recycling — plus bags for dry cleaning, bread, produce, newspapers, and even sealable food storage bags. Borough residents also can include plastic wraps used to package products such as cases of water bottles, diapers, napkins, and more.

For questions regarding the new recycling policy, contact the Public Works Department at (856) 429–0183.