False claims made on STOPit app triggers shelter in place at Cherry Hill East

According to a letter from school officials, the shelter in place lasted 10 minutes before the regular school day continued.

A shelter in place was instituted for 10 minutes at Cherry Hill High School East on Friday after an anonymous user on the district STOPit app claimed a student, “made alarming statements that would impact our school’s safety.”

According to a letter from Cherry Hill East principal Dennis Perry to the community, the school received an anonymous message via STOPit saying a student made statements that would impact the safety of the school. a shelter in place, which Perry described as the least intrusive security practice and allows teaching and learning to continue, was put into effect for 10 minutes and ended after administrators, Cherry Hill Campus Police and Cherry Hill Police Department concluded its investigation.

According to the letter, administrators identified the student who provided the false report.

“This false report was disruptive to the school and harmful to the wrongfully accused,” Perry wrote in the letter. “We investigate all reports out of sincere concern for the safety of our students. I assure you that individuals making false reports will be disciplined according to our code of conduct.”