Sun Editorial: Be careful and get involved as kids return to school

Slow down on the roads and take an active role in local schools

By Alan Bauer
The Sun

Thousands of children will be headed back to school in the coming days. That changes things for all of us, not just students, teachers and parents.

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The first and foremost priority should be safety. The roads will see more congestion as school buses and cars filled with students make their way to and from school buildings, sporting events, etc. The sidewalks will be busier, too, as many students walk to school in the morning and home in the afternoon.

That means all of us who are behind the wheel have to be more careful. We have to pay attention to speed limits in school zones and keep an eye out for buses that might have a stop sign out. We also have to keep in mind children will be crossing streets and might not always look both ways before proceeding.

Slow down. Be patient and understanding. Give yourself a little extra time to get to work or wherever you are headed. A few precautions could keep you from getting a ticket or, way more importantly, save a life.

Parents should get involved in their children’s schools early in the year. These days, that’s easier to do than ever.

In addition to the traditional parent organizations, back-to-school nights, teacher conferences, etc., most districts have a strong online and social media presence. You can do everything from checking the school calendar to interacting with your child’s teacher without leaving the comfort of your own home. Schools need an active and involved group of parents, and your children need you to be dialed in to their activities inside and outside of the classroom.

Let’s get this school year off to a great start by slowing down on the roads and having parents take active roles in their local schools.

Former radio broadcaster, hockey writer, Current: main beat reporter for Haddonfield, Cherry Hill and points beyond.
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