Letter to the Editor: Kelly Koch

Koch says she’d like to see more event’s like the recent food truck night along Main Street.

My husband and our two young daughters moved to Moorestown in May. One of the reasons we were drawn to Moorestown is the Town Center and the sense of community we felt from day one.

We were thrilled to read about the Food Truck night in the Moorestown Sun and made our way to Main Street promptly at 6 p.m. What a great event to get the family together, enjoy eclectic food, live music and connect with neighbors over a couple of drinks! I would love to see the township put events like these together on a more regular basis.

I’m proposing one Thursday a week — recognizing that many residents travel during the summer months. Let’s dedicate one day a month to pulling out our lawn chairs, listening to music and toasting the summer!

While we’d participate again in a heartbeat, I’m also proposing a couple of changes. 1. More food trucks — lines were crazy long and people could not get by since the turnout was so great! 2. Close down Main Street between Chester and Church streets. If the point of the event is to connect people, don’t crunch them! Having extra room to walk along Main Street would make the experience more enjoyable.

Overall — great event and looking forward to reading about the next one in the Moorestown Sun.

Kelly Koch