Mt. Laurel Library reminding locals that September is ‘Library Card Sign-up Month’

Members of the public are invited to learn the benefits of having a card with the Mt. Laurel Library.

September means more for kids than just heading back to school after weeks of summer vacation.

Since 1987, the ninth month of the year has also served as the American Library Association’s “Library Card Sign-Up Month.”

According to the American Library Association, every September the association joins with libraries nationwide to remind parents, students and all members of the public a library card can serve as the first step in a lifelong journey of self-education and academic achievement.

With that in mind, the Mt. Laurel Library is also working to remind members of the public about Library Card Sign-up Month.

According to the Mt. Laurel Library, library cards at Mt. Laurel’s library are available to all residents of the township, as well as those who own property in Mt. Laurel and those attending grades kindergarten through 12 in the township.

The Mt. Laurel Library also offers free library cards to all educators who teach in Mt. Laurel and those who work for the township who happen to live outside of Mt. Laurel.

With a library card, members of the public will have access to numerous programs and services offered by the library.

In addition to checking out physical copies of books, cardholders can check out CDs, DVDs, video games, graphic novels, digital magazines, eBooks and more.

Library cards also grant cardholders access to the library’s Museum Pass program, through which those with library cards can check out passes to more than 20 museums and gardens.

Cardholders can check out local spots such as the Battleship NJ, Garden State Discovery Museum or entry to state parks, or also try more nationally known locations such as The Museum of Modern Art or the Guggenheim Museum.

Cardholders can reserve one museum pass per day per card, with cardholders able to reserve up to five different museums in a calendar month.

The library also offers access to computers, online learning and research resources, a 3D printer, a sewing machine, a button maker and even the ability to check out cake pans for baking at home.

“Throughout the school year, public librarians and library staff will assist parents and caregivers with saving hundreds of dollars on educational resources and services for students,” reads a release from the American Library Association. “From free access to STEAM programs/activities, educational apps, in-person and virtual homework help, technology workshops to the expertise of librarians, a library card is one of the most cost-effective back to school supplies available.”

To obtain a library card at the Mt. Laurel Library, residents must have a driver’s license, automobile registration or a letter that has been mailed to one’s home to provide proof of residency.

For property owners, they will need a tax bill as well as proof of their current home address.

To show proof of school attendance, students can use a school identification card.

Although residents of any age can get a card, application forms must be co-signed by a parent or legal guardian for patrons younger than 18.

Those looking to get a library card to the Mt. Laurel Library can complete a registration form at the library’s check out desk or complete an online application.

“By signing up for a Mt. Laurel Library card, you not only gain access to books, but also to all forms of media including eBooks, DVDs, videogames and more,” said officials with the Mt. Layrel Library. “Download movies, TV shows and audiobooks on the streaming service Hoopla for free. With a Mt. Laurel Library card, you may borrow a pass to one of 26 distinguished museums in areas such as South Jersey, Philadelphia and New York. September is Library Card Sign Up Month so be sure to remind your friends and family who do not yet have a Mt. Laurel Library card to visit the library and register for an account today.”