Lenape Regional High School District BOE recaps the past year at meeting

Highlights of the 2017–2018 school year were reviewed at this week’s board meeting.

At this week’s Lenape Regional High School District meeting, the board took the time to reflect on the past school year and the accomplishments that were made throughout Lenape, Shawnee, Cherokee and Seneca high schools.

Assistant Superintendent Matthew Webb lead the year recap, accompanied by a presentation that reviewed the highlights of the 2017–2018 school year.

Webb stressed the importance of community involvement within the high schools, including their involvement in award ceremonies such as the Transition Services Awards.

There were 56 students that participated in these awards, along with 60 community partners that were in attendance.

“They provide a great service by opening their doors and giving our students an experience to help them acquire these kinds of jobs to help them transition into the workforce,” Webb said.

Webb expressed the gratitude the board feels for the community support, including donations given to the district, totaling $199,549 for the 2017–2018 year, and a grand total of $3,246,966 since they started tracking donation amounts in July 2007.

In addition to community members, students and staff partook in the Goodwill clothing drive, marking this year as the seventh consecutive year.

Between the four high schools, a total of 3,895 bags of gently used clothing and accessories were donated, equaling 89,585 pounds.

Lenape donated an average of 4.07 pounds per student, Shawnee donated 10.9 pounds per student, Cherokee donated 20.8 pounds per students and Seneca donated 18.04 pounds per student.

“It’s really, again, a tremendous example of support we get from staff, students, our families and the community. This was a record breaking year [for the clothing drive],” Webb said.

Students have also been able to give back to the community for the past eight years during Senior Day of Service. This school year 1,528 students participated in community service efforts at 90 different sites.

Webb stated the day of service has become a great tradition within the district, saying, “It’s not uncommon among our students. Service has truly become integrated into our culture and into the fabric of our schools.”

Webb said LRHSD has also provided a safe environment for students throughout the years, resulting in all four high schools being awarded the No Place for Hate designation for the past six years, and all school are aspiring to receive another designation this year.

In other news:

● 91.6 percent of the graduating students from all four schools are enrolled at 282 colleges/universities.

● If the proposal to the New Jersey administrative code for assessments is approved, this upcoming school year students will have two mandatory PARCC assessments, English Language Arts 10 and Algebra, opposed to the currently required six.

The next LRHSD board meeting will be held on Sept. 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the Lenape District Administration Building.